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Oerlemans, J. (Hans)
Announcement of the next Karthaus course on
13-24 September 2011
Karthaus, Italy

Sponsored by:
The Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
The Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
The Ice2Sea Project, European Union

The course will provide a basic introduction to the dynamics of glaciers and ice sheets with a focus on ice-climate interactions. The course is meant for Ph.D. students that work on (or will soon start working on) a glaciology-related climate project. A few places are available for junior scientists. The registration fee will be € 400. This includes lodging, full board, course material and excursion.

Lecturers include: T. Blunier, M. van den Broeke, Ch. Buizert, O. Eisen, A. Fowler, R. Giesen, H. Gudmundsson, A. Jenkins, G. Milne, F. Paul, Th. Moelg, A. Stroeven, A. Vieli, R. van de Wal, J. Oerlemans.

Send your application to the convenor ([hidden email]), before 9 May 2011.
You will be notified about the decision of the Selection Committee by 10 June 2011.
Your application should include:  
  • A short statement why you want to partipate in this course
  • Affiliation, name of supervisor
  • A description of your research project (~200 words)
  • A curriculum vitae
Please supply this information as a single PDF file.

Karthaus course website (information for 2011 will be added soon):

Johannes Oerlemans
Professor of Meteorology
IMAU, Utrecht University
[hidden email]

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