Kicking off 3 weeks of AGU with IGNITE!

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Kicking off 3 weeks of AGU with IGNITE!

Annie Burgess-2
As we get started with nearly three weeks of the 2020 AGU Fall Meeting, I wanted to remind everyone to add Ignite@AGU to your scientific program

As it is often challenging to make it to talks in different AGU sections, or even visit an adjacent section's poster aisle, Ignite brings AGU's diversity to one place!

Sponsored by NASA's Earth Science Division, supported by ESIP, and open to all registered AGU Fall Meeting attendees, this year's Ignite will certainly be one for the books!

2020 Ignite@AGU speakers:
  • Roman Dial (Alaska Pacific University): Walking treeline across the Brooks Range: What's happening in America's Arctic mountain wilderness?
  • Laura Guertin (Penn State Brandywine): Stitching Through Science Communication – With Quilts
  • Robert Simmon (Planet): Earth at an Acute Angle
  • Jonathan O'Brien (NASA ARSET/SSAI): Anxiety, Land Cover Classification, and Your Brain
  • Lauren Haygood (The University of Tulsa): A Tale of Two Rivers Meets Citizen Science
  • Lorena Medina Luna (NCAR): Silencing your inner saboteur: Succeeding in spite of imposter syndrome
  • Joanna Young (University of Alaska Fairbanks): Six surprising ways that glacier loss impacts humankind
  • Ryan McGranaghan (ASTRA): Discover the space between disciplines
  • Jeffrey Allenby (Center for Geospatial Solutions): From satellites to cell phones: Working smarter not harder in the Conservation World
  • Emil Cherrington (NASA SERVIR): Are you ready to cross a new Earth science data frontier?
We hope to see you there!

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