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LAStools - ATM qfit File reader and writer

Finnegan, David ERDC-CRREL-NH

I'm passing along information about a new set of tools that may help those working with IceBridge data, specifically the ATM qfit LiDAR formats. LAStools is a "mostly" open source set of tools that is freely available for use. Martin Isenburg maintains the codebase and discussion list and has generously incorporated the qfit file format as a read write option. Incorporation of this into LAStools opens up numerous possibilities to the cryospheric community to easily visualize and analyze ATM data or even just simple conversion to LAS formats.

David C. Finnegan
Research Physical Scientist
Cold Regions Research & Eng. Lab
Hanover, NH 03755

---A snippet from Martin about qfit formats

as of today all LAStools can read and write NASA ATM QFIT format.

In the GUI you can browse for *.qi files by checking the corresponding
button. In the command-line you can simply specify the file names with
a *.qi ending for input or output. These QFIT files are always in a
long/lat/elevation meter representation and are converted on-the-fly
to a LAS file during read and back to a QFIT file during write. Please
let me know if you encounter bugs or undesired behavior in the input
or the output of QFIT formatted files with LAStools.


Martin @lastools
You can download LAStools at
You can visit the LAStools group at
You can be social with LAStools at

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