Lectureship in physical geography: Bristol

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Lectureship in physical geography: Bristol

JL Bamber
Lectureship in Physical Geography

University of Bristol - School of Geographical Sciences , Ref. 16925

The School of Geographical Sciences is seeking to appoint exceptional individuals to enhance its research and teaching. We are particularly seeking candidates in four strategic areas including Ice Sheet Modelling.
We are seeking to make an appointment in the dynamics of ice flow. Our preference is to strengthen expertise in the application of numerical modelling techniques to glaciers, ice caps and ice sheets. Complimentary areas include the application of field geophysics and satellite observation to the study of ice masses and computational fluid dynamics.

We also welcome outstanding applicants from any area of geographical research.
It is expected that the final selection process will be held on either 3 or 4 May 2012.
Further information

Contract: Permanent
Salary: £33,734 - £44,016
Grade: Level b - Level c in Pathway 1
Closing date for applications: 9:00am 08 Mar 2012

Contact for informal enquiries:
Professor P Valdes ([hidden email] | 0117 331 7222)


Prof. J.L. Bamber                       tel: 44-(0)117-331-4129
Bristol Glaciology Centre,              fax: 44-(0)117-928-7878
School of Geographical Sciences,        email: [hidden email]
University of Bristol,
University Road,
Bristol, BS8 1SS, UK.


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