Lidar on snow/ice at 1.57 micrometer

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Lidar on snow/ice at 1.57 micrometer

Etienne Berthier
Dear colleagues

We are looking for feedbacks from any airborne or ground campaign where an altimetric Lidar working at a wavelength of 1.57 mm has been operated on snow and/or ice.

Using this wavelength on snow/ice may look stupid given the very low reflectance in this part of the spectrum but this choice (for a potential future satellite) is motivated by other applications (solid Earth) and severe eye safety constrains.

All comments/feedbacks are appreciated,

Etienne, for the "Z-Earth" science team

Etienne Berthier
14 av E. Belin
31400 Toulouse
Tel +33 5 61 33 29 66
www :

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