Liestøl Symposium, November 8-9 2017

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Liestøl Symposium, November 8-9 2017

Jack Kohler

Liestøl Symposium: Integrating field measurements, remote sensing, and models of Svalbard glacier mass balance

The aim of this symposium is to bring together researchers from international groups studying Svalbard glacier mass balance. We seek to 1) promote better collaboration and cooperation between these groups, and 2) integrate the field studies with glacier and regional climate modelling efforts.

The workshop is named in honor of the pioneering Norwegian glaciologist Olav Liestøl (1916-2002), who initiated mass balance measurements in Svalbard in the 1950s.


The Liestøl Symposium will be held November 8-9th, and will be a part of the Svalbard Science Conference 2017 (SCC) meeting to be held Nov 6-8 in Oslo (  Liestøl Symposium talks will be held Wednesday (10:40-16:30), and continue on into Thursday (all day), and there will be a poster session.


Attendance for the SCC and Liestøl Symposium is free, but you will have to cover accommodation and travel expenses. It makes most sense to stay at the conference hotel Scandic Fornebu (; the booking code for a discounted rate is BFOR141117. Conference rate is available until 23 October. Also, please register for the SCC at


Most importantly, the deadline for submitting abstracts to the meeting is August 10th (


All are welcome!


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