Link Correction and Reminder: APECS Virtual Poster Session: Romanian Polar Research (TODAY)

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Link Correction and Reminder: APECS Virtual Poster Session: Romanian Polar Research (TODAY)

Allen Pope
Hello Cryolist,

For those not familiar with the APECS Virtual Poster Session
( - This effort focuses on
bringing the concept of the poster presentation beyond the four walls
of the conference hall and creates an online database of polar
research poster publications. This project allows members with similar
goals and interests to exchange information and assures a platform for
the exchange of Arctic, Antarctic and Cryospheric research, policy,
and education activities that are Shaping the Future of Polar Research
- and our calls let early career scientists share your research *LIVE*
with people around the world!

After several succesfull topical calls, this month we are happy to
announce a Virtual Poster Session call on Romanian Polar Research. Our
four presenters are based in Romania and will share their works on
General Cryosphere and Permafrost Research. The presenter are:

1. Dr Teodor Gh. Negoita -  "ERICON Aurora Borealis, the bigest
icebreaker in the world".
2. Niculita Mihai -  “Soils from a toposecuence in Bjørdalen,
Spitsbergen Archipelago”.
3. Catrinescu Alina - " The Necessity of Integrated Research of Polar
Permafrost Crust and Soils ".
4. Magdalin Andreia - " Romanian Polar Research Museum ".

When: November 30th at 20:00 GMT.

TO ATTEND: log on to

We will be using Adobe Connect Pro software, thanks to our partnership
with the University of Canterbury, to conduct these webinars which
requires Abode Flash Player installed on participants' computers.  If
your computer doesn't already have Adobe Flash installed, visit

This webinar will be available to 30 participants.  TO RESERVE YOUR
SPOT, please send an email to Kim Jochum ([hidden email]) or Alexey
Pavlov ([hidden email]).

Remaining spots will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

If you have not participated in a webinar before, we have a great
tutorial that you can watch and see how easy it is at

For more information on the VPS – please go to:

Best regards,
APECS Virtual Poster Session Group
Allen Pope
2010-2011 President, Association of Polar Early Career Scientists
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