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Looking for Ph.D. student

Wolfgang Kinzelbach
Dear Colleagues,

we want to fill the post of a Ph. D. student. The prospective work
concerns a block glacier in Switzerland and its instability under
degradation of permafrost. Details are in the attachment. I would be
grateful if you could make this opportunity known to potential
candidates in your institution.

Kind regards, Wolfgang Kinzelbach

ETH Zurich
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kinzelbach
Institute of Environmental Engineering
HIL G 37.3
CH-8093 Zurich

mailto:[hidden email]

Tel. +41-44-633 3066
Fax; +41-44-633 1061

ETH Zürich
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kinzelbach
Institut für Umweltingenieurwissenschaften
HIL G 37.3
CH-8093 Zürich

Regulastr. 21 B
CH-8046 Zürich

Tel. +41-44-382 3210

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