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Looking for funded PhD position

Bilal Aslam
Dear Researchers,

I am looking for an available and fully funded PhD position.

PhD Topic:  “Impact of glaciers melting on increase in earthquakes”

I've done my Master of Philosophy in Geophysics from the top ranked university of Pakistan Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad and Bachelors Hons. in Earth Sciences. I also have published three papers aswell and now have relevant field work experience of 3 years. My plan to do research is on the topic of “Impact of glaciers melting on increase in earthquakes”. Basically this research will be based on integration of geophysical data, remote sensing data and seismological data to complete the desired task. In my bachelor of earth sciences and master of philosophy degree of geophysics I performed many projects in my course work related to remote sensing, structural geology and earthquake studies. Now being a part of National Space Agency for past 3 years my duty here is to research about the remote sensing applications in geosciences field especially in the field of earthquakes, lithological mapping, glacier study and etc. Hence I believe I have a good research background related to my topic.

PhD proposal, my CV, IELTS result and all relevant documents are ready to be sent to an interested PhD advisor.

Please contact me directly:

Bilal Aslam

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