MSc internship offer at CEREGE: Fluctuations of the Arsine Glacier (French Alps) since the Late Glacial

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MSc internship offer at CEREGE: Fluctuations of the Arsine Glacier (French Alps) since the Late Glacial

Philip Deline-2
Dear colleagues,

Please see the announcement below for a MSc internship to be based at CEREGE in Aix en Provence.

Reconstitution of the fluctuations of the Arsine Glacier (Massif des Ecrins, France)
since the Late Glacial using cosmogenic nuclide dating

This MSc internship at CEREGE (Aix en Provence) aims to reconstruct a chronology of the glacial fluctuations of the Arsine Glacier (Ecrins Massif, French Alps) since the Late Glacial by dating the moraines with cosmogenic beryllium-10 nuclide. The moraines show an advanced position of the glacier due to the colder periods, and their age correspond to the retreat of the glacier to a warming. Establish chronologies of moraines thus allows to better understand the evolutions of the past climate. The results obtained at the Arsine Glacier will be compared with data from other sites in the Ecrins Massif and in the Alps to analyze the related paleoclimatic mechanisms. There are currently few paleoclimatic records of this type in the French Alps. The results of this internship could contribute significantly to the knowledge of the terrestrial palaeoclimate in Central Europe.

Research experience is desirable, and applicants must have strong quantitative and writing skills. Interested applicants should send a CV and a brief summary of relevant field and/or laboratory experience.

The internship will start mid-January 2018, and the application Deadline is 15 December 201.
Further details of this project can be found at:


Philip Deline
Laboratoire EDYTEM

Université Savoie Mont Blanc
UFR Sciences & Montagne
F-73376 Le Bourget-du-Lac cedex
+33 479 758 875


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