Marine geoscience in the "Visualization Lab"

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Marine geoscience in the "Visualization Lab"

Alexey Portnov
Marine geoscience in the "Visualization Lab"

Dear colleagues,

New discoveries become more accessible with new technologies and software.
I have recently created a youtube channel where I will store some exciting visualizations about Arctic research and not only. I create these videos for various purposes (conferences, workshops etc). They are all devoted to one subject - marine geoscience, which is what I do. Normally each video is dedicated to a single study, details of which you'll find in the video description. 

I will upload new videos as soon as a new research from my colleagues (who greatly contribute) and me appears. I hope that my work comes in useful to both scientists and non-scientists. Feel free to ask questions and leave comments. Here is the link:

Thank you for your interest!

Alexey Portnov,

CAGE-Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrate Environment and Climate
Ohio State University, School of Earth Sciences

Alexey Portnov,

PhD, CAGE-Center for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate, Tromsø, Norway
Arctic University of Norway, Faculty of Science and Technology, geological department
e-mail: [hidden email]
           [hidden email]
mobile: +47 93944051

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