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Smellie, John (Prof.)

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the session 'Magmatic, tectonic, and geodynamic investigations of the Polar Regions' at the POLAR2018 SCAR/IASC Conference in Davos, Switzerland. The conference as a whole spans 15th-26th June 2018, but this session will be part of the Open Science Conference which will run during the week 19th-23rd June 2018.

Please note that the abstract deadline is 1st November 2017.

To submit abstracts go to
For further information about the POLAR2018 conference see

Session Description:
In recent years, geophysical and geological studies of the Arctic and Antarctic have uncovered exciting details of the crustal and lithospheric structure, the processes of geologic evolution, and the interplay between geodynamics, volcanism, and ice sheet development in the Polar Regions.  This session aims to provide an interdisciplinary forum where results from new polar geoscience research will be shared.  Contributions are encouraged from a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to active and passive seismic studies, aerogeophysical investigations, MT, volcanism and volcano-related palaeonvironmental studies, sedimentary geology, structural geology, and magmatism.  By highlighting key investigations and tectonic regions of interest, this session will help seed new cross-disciplinary initiatives and promote the development of future international collaborations for Arctic and Antarctic geoscience.  This session is sponsored by AntVolc, the SCAR expert group for Antarctic volcanism.

Samantha Hansen (University of Alabama)

John Smellie (University of Leicester)

Junmeng Zhao (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

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