Microbial Ecology of Cold Habitats

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Microbial Ecology of Cold Habitats

jill mikucki
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Please consider submitting an abstract to the ‘Ecology of Cold Habitats’ session of the 2010 Fall Meeting of the International Society for Microbial Ecology (ISME); August 22-27 2010. Seattle, WA, USA


Abstract submission deadline:  26 March 2010





Session description: Understanding how life functions at freezing temperatures remains one of the most intriguing challenges in biology. New technologies have improved access to the diverse terrestrial and aquatic cold environments on Earth and furthered our understanding on how microbes in cold habitats interact with and change their abiotic and biotic environment.  The challenges now lie in elucidating how metabolic activities operating in polar ecosystems translate into global biogeochemical fluxes, and in predicting the fate of polar systems as a consequence of global change.


Microorganisms have a long history of playing leading roles in global shifts in biogeochemistry, begging the question: are there metabolic surprises in store as the polar regions warm?  Significant gaps remain in our knowledge at all scales of cold environment microbial ecology.  This session invites presentations that describe the ecology of still largely unexplored cold biosphere with foci on how microorganisms interact with global biogeochemical cycles, how these processes operate on the ecosystem level and on the specific trophic interactions mediated by individual organisms and communities. 


Convenors: Antje Boetius and Jill Mikucki

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