Missing your field site toilet? Order your 2012 Polar Potties Calendar today!

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Missing your field site toilet? Order your 2012 Polar Potties Calendar today!

Gerlis Fugmann
Dear Colleagues,

Do you like to relax and think about shaping the future of polar research and can't find a private place? or maybe you are missing your favourite field camp toilet? Well, we have something special for you this holiday season... We think everyone should be able to experience the joy of having some genuine Arctic and Antarctic Outhouses hanging on their walls so we are happy to present the Polar Potties 2012 Calendar as one of our fundraising activities!

Well-designed private rooms with a view of Antarctic glaciers, great places to hide from Polar bears in the Arctic and fellow polar adventurers with their latest designs of polar outhouses. You can only find all of this in the Polar Potties 2012 Calendar!

So if you are looking for brand new experiences with polar "outdoor equipment" and some inspiration on which type you will be using for your next fieldwork, get the Polar Potties 2012 Calendar now!

The Polar Potties 2012 Calendar is 8.27 x 8.27 inches in size, in full colour and available for a suggested contribution of 15 Euros! Proceeds from the calendar go to support education and outreach activities of the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS).

Go to http://apecs.is/promotional-materials/polar-potties to find out more about the calendar and how to order!

A special thanks to our designer Mare Pit, and the logistics helpers Jenny Baeseman and Heike Midlega and of course to our fabulous photographers: Eli Duke, Mark Kelly, Krystyna Koziol, Michelle Trommelen, Ben Jones, Marc Edwards, Kristen Peck, Torston Sachs, Tore Hattermann, Matthew and Jenny Truch, and Ian Wilkinson.

To learn more about APECS, what we do and our fundraising efforts to continue shaping the future of polar research, visit http://apecs.is/donate

The APECS Polar Potties 2012 Team
Dr. Gerlis Fugmann
Department of Geography
Justus Liebig University Giessen
Senckenbergstr. 1
35390 Giessen

Tel: +49-641-9936203

Email: [hidden email]; [hidden email]

Ex-offico Executive Committee Member / Past President, Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS)

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