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Mnemonic for radar bands

Ted Scambos
During a visit to Univ. Utah, Rick Forster and I noted the lack of a
mnemonic for the various radar and scatterometer bands -- I for one have
a lot of trouble keeping them straight.

A good mnemonic is a joy forever -- who can forget
"Wow, Oh Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me (Right Now Sweetie)"  which lists the
star types on the stellar main sequence -- or: "Please Come Over Some
Day, Maybe Play Poker, Two Jacks Carries Two Queens" -- the geological
epochs, from Precambrian to Quaternary (but lumps the Tertiary into one
T). Or, "Every Good Boy Does Fine" (the lines on a music stanza).  I
think there is one for the planets as well but I can't remember it (some
mnemonic that was..)

For the radar bands, P, L, S, C X, Ku, K, Ka, V, W --  neither Rick nor
I had ever heard of one.  After a few iterations we came up with this
(perfect for Valentine's Day):

Pleasant  Lads  Surely  Can  'X'pect  Kudos, Kisses, and 'Ka'rs, like
V-W's !

(The 'L' can be Lads or Lasses, your choice..)
Note that this group of bands covers the frequency range 1 to 100 GHz,
and the wavelength range  30 cm to 3mm -- both easy to remember.

Ted Scambos
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