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Modelling posts at University of Durham, UK

Michael J. Bentley

Two positions are available in the field of Ice Sheets and Sea Level that may be of direct interest to some Cryolist subscribers.


For further information on the posts please contact Professor Mike Bentley [[hidden email] Tel: +44-191-334-1859] or Professor Antony Long [[hidden email] Tel: +44-191-334-1913].


Professor/Reader in Ice Sheet Modelling. Durham has a world-leading ice sheet reconstruction group. We seek a Professor/Reader in modelling to build on Durham expertise in reconstructing past ice sheets; to generate better models and thus forecast capability; and address a wider range of questions and approaches.

Further details:


Lecturer in Ice-Ocean-Sea-Level Modelling. We seek a modeller in the area of cryosphere-ocean-sea-level modelling to build on and exploit existing linked strengths in ice sheet and sea-level reconstruction. Areas of expertise could include modelling of ice sheets, ice streams, ice-ocean interaction, glacial-isostatic adjustment, or other aspects of the ice-ocean-sea-level system. The appointee could work over a range of timescales.

Further details:


These posts are part of a Strategic Investment Initiative of 40 new posts at Durham University, of which several are linked to a proposed new Climate Impacts Research Centre (DCIRC) which will undertake research on the past, present and future impacts of climate change. The Centre will co-ordinate Durham’s inter-disciplinary approaches to climate impact research, involving sciences and social sciences.


Full details of all 40 posts at:

 *Initial* closing date for applications 8th June 2012.


Professor Mike Bentley
Department of Geography
Durham University
South Rd
t: +44 (0)191-334-1859
f: +44 (0)191-334-1801

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