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Mountaineer for polar or glacier work

Ted Scambos
Hello all -
I worked with a mountaineer last year at BAS's Rothera Station in the
Antarctic Peninsula. Ben Tibbetts was a survival/mountaineering
instructor and general assistant at Rothera most of last season, and has
extensive experience in mountaineering and polar work.   He's interested
in more.

He's got that sort of lanky devil-may-care cheerful attitude that lets
you know you can trust your life to him without him making a big deal
about it afterward.

More seriously, I would strongly recommend him as a field assistant on a
research expedition in any icy region. He is a good photographer, values
data collection, is intelligent, and eager.

Some contact info:
[hidden email]

Ted S.

             Ted A. Scambos
Senior Research Scientist, Lead Scientist
    National Snow and Ice Data Center
CIRES, University of Colorado, Boulder
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        Boulder CO  80303   USA
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" faith is that the human race ... will
develop and progress _without limit_. Living
is worthwhile if one can contribute in some
small way to this endless chain of progress."
                     --- Paul Dirac

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