NASA SnowEx Campaign WebEx on Wed March 9th

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NASA SnowEx Campaign WebEx on Wed March 9th

Jessica D. Lundquist

Dear Snow Colleagues,

NASA’s SnowEx is a multi-year airborne snow campaign starting later this year.  Its goal is to collect multi-sensor observations plus ground truth to enable trade studies for snow satellite mission designs.  (more info is available at

With the first year’s field activities targeted for Oct/Nov 2016 and Feb/Mar 2017, planning is accelerating rapidly. 

Hopefully you have already received the notice of the workshop in Seattle, March 29-31, 2016.  

(if not, please go to

To help ensure that all interested parties have certain preliminary information on aircraft, instruments, and sites, we have scheduled a SnowEx Webex for Wednesday, March 9, 1—3pm Eastern Time.  Details will follow in a few days.

If you are interested in participating in SnowEx—whether you plan to attend the Seattle workshop or not—we encourage you to join this Webex.

It’s been over a decade since the snow community has had a major community-wide campaign like SnowEx, and promising new sensing techniques, ground truth techniques, and modeling approaches have become available since then.

So, preparing for SnowEx is truly exciting.  We invite you to join the planning discussions to make SnowEx a success.

On behalf of the organizing team,
Ed Kim
[hidden email]

Jessica Lundquist
Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
John R. Kiely Associate Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Washington
Wilcox 165  Box 352700
Seattle, WA 98195-2700

phone: 206-685-7594
fax: 206-685-3836
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