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NSF Funding Opportunity Announcement

Key, Erica L.
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NSF Funding Opportunity Announcement NSF Cross-Foundation Funding Opportunity
Decadal and Regional Climate Prediction using Earth System Models (EaSM)


Letter of Intent Submission Deadline: May 24, 2010

Full Proposal Deadline: June 25, 2010


Multiple directorates and offices within NSF, including the Office of Polar Programs, in agreement with the US Department of Agriculture and Department of Energy’s Offices of Science and Biological and Environmental Research, announce a funding opportunity in decadal and regional modeling.  This interagency, interdisciplinary effort seeks to advance the current state of modeling through partnerships and capacity building that span the breadth of natural, physical, chemical, social, computational, and mathematical sciences.

The specific goals of this solicitation are to improve uponĀ and extend current modeling capabilities in order to:

  1. Achieve comprehensive, reliable global and regional predictions of decadal climate variability and change through advanced understanding of the coupled interactive physical, chemical, biological and human processes that drive the climate system.
  2. Quantify the impacts of climate variability and change on ecological, agricultural and other human systems, and identify and quantify feedback loops through which human systems help determine environmental outcomes.
  3. Maximize the utility of available observational and model data for impact and vulnerability/resilience assessments through up/downscaling activities.
  4. Effectively translate model results and associated uncertainties into the scientific basis for well-informed human adaptation to and management decisions for climate change.

A joint press release marking this historic program was made during an EaSM webcast on March 22, 2010:


Please consult the FAQ section at the end of the solicitation ( http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2010/nsf10554/nsf10554.htm?WT.mc_id=USNSF_25&WT.mc_ev=click
) or contact one of the cognizant program officers with questions regarding EaSM.

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