NSF Office of Polar Programs Antarctic New Investigators Webinars

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NSF Office of Polar Programs Antarctic New Investigators Webinars

Reuning, Winifred M.

NSF Antarctic New Investigators Webinars


Have you thought about applying to the NSF Antarctic Solicitation NSF 11-532; target date June 6, 2011, but weren’t quite sure you were ready?  We are going to host a series of Webinars (via WebEx software) to provide NSF investigators who are new to the Antarctic program with an overview of the different Antarctic Division science programs and the Antarctic Infrastructure and Logistics requirements for proposals that include field work in Antarctica.


Dates, Times, and Topics:


Each Webinar will run from 2 to 4 PM East Coast Daylight Savings Time (1-3 Central, 12-2 Mountain, 11-1 PM West Coast, etc).


·         Wednesday April 13th:  Overview of the Antarctic Division, followed by overviews of Glaciology, Earth Sciences, and Oceans & Atmospheres.


·         Thursday April 14th:  Overviews of Organisms and Ecosystems, Astrophysics & Geospace Sciences, and Integrated System Science, followed by a discussion of the new items necessary for the 2011 solicitation (data management plans for example)


·         Thursday April 21st:  Overview of Logistics details needed for a proposal (for example, ORW information to be included within your proposal, what to budget for (and not budget for), how to fill out a ship request form, how to do a reasonably good job estimating fixed wing needs, and what are the different Antarctic sample repositories and how can I get samples from them?)


·         Friday April 22nd:  Overview of what happens once you’ve been funded (What’s a SIP? How do I fill one out?  What’s going to happen in Christchurch or Punta Arenas? What happens once I get on the ice?)



Up to 100 participants can be accommodated on any day, and you can sign up for as many as all four or as few as one of the seminars.   To register send an e-mail to [hidden email] with the following information:




Career stage (grad student, post-doc, first time PI, co-PI etc)

Dates of participation

Any other topics you’d like discussed


You should receive confirmation that we have received your request within 48-72 hours of registering.


We plan to allow time for questions within each webinar, and we also plan to archive the webinars for future viewing opportunities.





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