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NSIDC Notes Winter 2012 Newsletter

Dear Colleague,

The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) announces the release of
the Winter 2012 issue of NSIDC Notes, published quarterly in electronic
format. Access the recent issue as a PDF file at

This issue of NSIDC Notes features:
- Energy efficiency upgrades for data servers
- Research news
- New tools, products and data set updates

Best regards,

NSIDC User Services

   NSIDC User Services          Phone: +1 303-492-6199
   CIRES, 449 UCB          Fax: +1 303-492-2468
   University of Colorado Email:[hidden email]
   Boulder, CO 80309-0449, USA       WWW URL:http://nsidc.org

   National Snow and Ice Data Center * Distributed Active Archive Center
               * World Data Center for Glaciology, Boulder *

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