New Frozen Ground bulletin and new IPA Country Reports on permafrost

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New Frozen Ground bulletin and new IPA Country Reports on permafrost

Dear cryolisters,

We would like to report on the publication of the new Frozen Ground and
on the IPA Country Reports.
The new issue of the bulletin of the International Permafrost
Association, Frozen Ground, is available online at:

Frozen Ground has been modified to a shorter, sharper and more
attractive format (8 pages) and focuses on permafrost research
highlights from 2010.
Reports from the member countries activities are also available online
in a new online publication of the IPA, the IPA Country Reports. You can
read them all at:

Country Reports will be added to the publication as they are provided by
the country members and will be published as updates on the IPA RSS
Feed, on the IPA Facebook page and on the IPA Twitter account. You can
follow those at:

RSS Feed:

A great effort has been put into archiving past country reports on the
same online system. They will be made available progressively in the
online database. You can now read reports for the years 1988-1994 and

The IPA has been undergoing a large number of changes the past year and
we encourage you to read more about it in Frozen Ground. You can also
now register with the IPA as an individual member and keep yourself
informed on the most recent news from the permafrost community:

Best Regards,

Hugues Lantuit, on behalf of the IPA Executive Committee.

IPA website:


Dr. Hugues Lantuit
International Permafrost Association Secretariat
Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research
Telegrafenberg A43
Potsdam 14473

Tel: +49-331-288-2216
Fax: +49-331-288-2188
Cell:   +49-170-454-0677
email: [hidden email]
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