New Issue of Advances in Polar Science (peer-reviewed and open-access journal), available freely now

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New Issue of Advances in Polar Science (peer-reviewed and open-access journal), available freely now
Dear Sir or Madam, 

Could you please poster this anouncement on mailing list submissions? 

Dear All,

The papers on Vol. 30 No. 2 of Advances in Polar Science (APS) are available freely now.

We welcome your involvement in APS's future editions. We look forward to the submission of new manuscripts and for any suggestions of future “Special Issues” (which can be made via email to the editorial office at [hidden email]). We encourage you to share this announcement broadly with interested colleagues.


Here is its content:


Interaction of diabatic processes, large-scale eddies and the mean atmospheric circulation over the Atlantic, Arctic and Eurasia



Surface energy balance on the Antarctic plateau as measured with an automatic weather station during 2014

  DING Minghu, Anubha AGRAWAL, Petra HEIL & YANG Diyi 


An open-source albedo-wand for the measurement of sea ice albedo

Christian KATLEIN     


Modified Rammsonde tests in layered compacted snow

ZHUANG Feng, LU Peng, LI Zhijun, HAN Hongwei & LI Wei   


Investigation of PMSE echoes characteristics using the discontinuous EISCAT UHF observation and its relation with space environment

Abdur RAUF, LI Hailong, Safi ULLAH, WANG Maoyan & MENG Lin    



Effects of vegetation on the structure and diversity of soil bacterial communities in the Arctic tundra

MA Yue, WANG Nengfei, WANG Shuang, HAN Wenbing, LIU Jie, YU Yong, GUO Li &       

YANG Guanpin 


Early Cenozoic diorite and diabase from Doumer Island, Antarctic Peninsula: zircon U-Pb geochronology, petrogenesis and tectonic implications

CUI Jiawei, HU Jianmin, PEI Junling, CHEN Hong, DU Xingxing & WEI Lijie 


Mr. Xiaoliang Ling


Assistant Editor

Email: [hidden email]


Online Submission: 

Tel 86-21-58713642

MB 13818202982

Editorial Office of Advances in Polar Science

Polar Research Institute of China

451 Jinqiao Road, Pudong New Area 

Shanghai 20136


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