New MSc level course at UNIS: Risk assessment of arctic natural hazards (10 ECTS)

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New MSc level course at UNIS: Risk assessment of arctic natural hazards (10 ECTS)

Markus Eckerstorfer
The Arctic Safety Centre at the University Centre in Svalbard - UNIS offers a brand new Master-level course to students enrolled in a relevant master programme in natural- and environmental sciences, and technology.

AS-301 Risk assessment of Arctic natural hazards will take place at UNIS in Longyearbyen, Svalbard between weeks 23-27, providing 10 ECTS. 

Learning outcomes: 

Gain awareness and appreciation of current research issues, knowledgebase, and methodologies that analyze and concern Arctic natural hazards in a changing climate.

Evaluate the risk from diverse arctic natural hazards in a changing climate and communicate in an informed way to specialists in their respective fields as well as to stakeholders and the public by written and oral means.

Apply the obtained general Arctic hazards competence to lead a diverse group of scientists in a risk assessment project, where their knowledge base and skills facilitate the group’s success.

Course application deadline is 15 February 2018. more information about the course can be found here:

best regards,

Markus Eckerstorfer
Research Scientist
Norut - Northern Research Institute
Pb 6434, 9294 Tromsø, Norway 

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