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New National Science Foundation Arctic Research Opportunities solicitations - US

Terri Edillon

Arctic Research Opportunities
Arctic Natural Sciences; Arctic Social Sciences; Arctic System Science; Arctic Observing Network; Polar Cyberinfrastructure; Arctic Research Coordination and Policy Support

The full solicitation is available at

The National Science Foundation (NSF) invites investigators at U.S. organizations to submit proposals to the Arctic Sciences Section, Office of Polar Programs (OPP), to conduct research about the Arctic region.

The goal of this solicitation is to attract research proposals that advance a fundamental, process, and/or systems-level understanding of the Arctic's rapidly changing natural environment, social and cultural systems, and, where appropriate, to improve our capacity to project future change. The Arctic Sciences Section supports research focused on the Arctic region and its connectivity with lower latitudes. The scientific scope is aligned with, but not limited to, research priorities outlined in the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC) five-year plan.

The Arctic Sciences Section coordinates with programs across NSF and with other federal and international partners to co-review and co-fund Arctic-related proposals as appropriate. The Arctic Sciences Section also maintains Arctic logistical infrastructure and field support capabilities that are available to enable research.

Updates and revisions to this solicitation include:

  • It is clarified that the Arctic Sciences Section accepts proposals in the areas of Polar Cyberinfrastructure and Arctic Research Coordination and Policy Support.

  • The Arctic System Science (ARCSS) and Arctic Natural Science (ANS) programs no longer limit submissions per PI.

  • Program descriptions have been updated.

  • Descriptions for Research Networking Activities and Large Project Support (formerly known as Research Project Overview) proposals have been clarified.

  • Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants are no longer described in this solicitation; please refer to NSF 20-597 where Arctic related submissions will be considered.

For inquiries related to Arctic Research Coordination and Policy Support, please email [hidden email].

Additional information is available on the Arctic Research Opportunities program page:

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