New PhD Program in Earth and Environmental Sciences at Boston College

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New PhD Program in Earth and Environmental Sciences at Boston College

Mark Behn

Dear Colleagues,

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Boston College is recruiting PhD and MS students for the coming academic year.  This will be the inaugural incoming class of PhD students, augmenting our longstanding MS program.

The department has grown to 12 faculty in recent years including major investments in laboratories and research infrastructure, all of which create graduate student opportunities in Climate and Environmental Change (e.g., paleoclimatology, ice sheet dynamics, fluvial geomorphology, oceanography, and marine biogeochemistry), Tectonics and Dynamics of Earth's Interior (e.g.,  isotope geochemistry and geochronology, geodynamics, structural geology, petrology, and earthquake and exploration seismology), and the integrative theme of Water throughout the Earth.  In addition, Boston College has announced the launch of the new Schiller Institute for Integrated Science and Society.  The emphasis of the Schiller Institute is in interdisciplinary research surrounding Energy, Health, and Environment wherein our department will play a major role.

We encourage applications in any of these fields to both the MS and PhD programs.  For questions, please contact Prof. Ethan Baxter, Department Chair, or Prof. Mark Behn, Dir. of Graduate Studies.  For more information, please see our department website or the Schiller website.

Mark D. Behn
Associate Professor
phone: <a href="tel:(617)%20552-2180">(617) 552-2180

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