News on the Cryosphere 2020 symposium in Iceland

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News on the Cryosphere 2020 symposium in Iceland

Magnus Magnusson

Dear Cryolist members


March 25 – A note on the COVID-19 pandemic:


To potential Cryosphere 2020 participants


At this time it is too early to tell whether the symposium will be postponed due to the worldwide spread of the coronavirus. Many workshops and conferences scheduled for spring and early summer 2020 have now been cancelled or moved to later dates. In the hope that the pandemic will have declined globally by late September, we still plan for the September 21–24 dates.


Backup plans call for the symposium to be held in May 2021 or September 2021.

News will be posted on the symposium website and distributed on mailing lists when a clearer picture of the developments emerges (probably in the second half of April).


In any case, the deadlines for submitting abstracts and registering for the symposium will be shifted to later dates if we can convene in September 2020.


With warmest wishes from the Local Organizing Committee!




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