Nomination Call for International Glaciological Society Awards

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Nomination Call for International Glaciological Society Awards

Lora Koenig

Dear Colleagues,


The International Glaciological Society (IGS) Awards Committee requests nominations for the Seligman Crystal, the Richardson Medal and IGS Honorary Membership (   Please submit nomination packets to [hidden email] by June 19, 2017 to be considered for awards announced at the International Symposium on Polar Ice, Polar Climate, Polar Change to be held in Boulder Colorado, USA August 14–19, 2017. The nomination pack should consist of three elements: 1) a nomination letter 2) an abridged CV, and 3) three letters of support.  Specific details for each award are listed below.  If you miss the deadline the nomination packet will be held and considered in 2018.   Please feel free to contact IGS, Lora Koenig or anyone on the awards committee ( with any questions.


Thank you,

Lora Koenig, IGS Awards Chair


The Seligman Crystal (

The Seligman Crystal shall be awarded for outstanding scientific contribution to glaciology so that the subject is now enriched


The Richardson Medal (

The Richardson Medal is awarded in recognition of outstanding service contributions to the International Glaciological Society and to glaciology.


Honorary Membership (

Honorary Members shall be elected by the Council in recognition of eminent contributions to the objects of the Society, and shall not exceed twelve in number- Please only submit a nomination letter for this honor.



Lora Koenig

National Snow and Ice Data Center

University of Colorado

UCB 449, 1540 30th Street

Boulder CO 80303


[hidden email]


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