North Sea Basin session at INQUA 2019

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North Sea Basin session at INQUA 2019

Benedict Reinardy

Dear All


The abstract submission deadline for INQUA 2019 on the 9th of January 2019 is fast approaching. Please consider submitting to our session:


Quaternary evolution and depositional environments of the North Sea Basin


Up to 1 km of Quaternary sediments in the North Sea Basin reflects the timing and magnitude of an extensive fluvial prograding delta system and later ice sheet build-up and decay over NW Europe. The North Sea has widespread coverage of both seismic data and borehole sites and is the focus of recent investigations into key themes within Quaternary science such as: interpretation of basin-wide architecture in terms of variation in sediment supply and accommodation; fluid flow migration in formally glaciated sedimentary basins; the onset of Northern Hemisphere mid-latitude glaciations; understanding the discharge, subglacial hydrology and stability of marine-based palaeo-ice sheets; changing sea level through the Quaternary; influence of changing North Atlantic circulation on ice stream dynamics though ice-ocean interactions and; the nature of submerged landscapes and their human occupation. New chronological frameworks based on different dating techniques, have been developed for the North Sea Quaternary stratigraphy and high resolution local datasets have become available but tend to focus on either geophysical or sedimentological data. This session will provide a forum for researchers to present recent interpretations from geophysical and sedimentological data sets into a regional, basin-wide context and help promote a better understanding of the sedimentary evolution and processes of the North Sea Basin. We invite papers addressing both glacial and non-glacial processes, including marine interglacial deposits using core proxy data, outcrops, and/or seismic data, methodological papers highlighting new advances in the acquisition and processing of geophysical data and dating techniques suitable for the Quaternary of the North Sea.


Benedict Reinardy (Convenor)

Emrys Phillips (Co-Convenor)

Dag Ottesen (Co-Convenor)

Hans Petter Sejrup (Co-Convenor)

David Vaughan (Co-Convenor)


More information at:


Submit at:








Benedict Reinardy

Assistant Professor


Institutionen för Naturgeografi
Stockholms Universitet
106 91 Stockholm


+46 (0)764961058


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