Northwest Glaciologists 2011

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Northwest Glaciologists 2011

Andrew Fountain
Second Circular
The Northwest Glaciologists
October 14-15, 2011
Portland State University, Portland Oregon

The link to the meeting website with hotels,
meeting location, etc can be found at,

We look forward to seeing all our friends and colleagues
back in Portland, Oregon.


Andrew G. Fountain

Department of Geology
Department of Geography (adjunct)

Address:                            FedEx/Shipping Address:
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Department of Geology               Department of Geology
Portland State University           17 Cramer Hall
Portland, OR  97207-0751            Portland State University
USA                                 1721 SW Broadway
                                    Portland, OR 97201
Email:  [hidden email]              USA
Phone:  503-725-3386
Fax:    503-725-3025

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