Ocean Modellers workshop for students/postdocs at IUGG

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Ocean Modellers workshop for students/postdocs at IUGG

Birgit Rogalla

Dear colleagues!

At the upcoming IUGG General Assembly in Montreal, Andrew Shao (UVic) and I 
are organizing a workshop for graduate students and postdocs who are involved 
with ocean modelling; see the description below for more details. Please make 
members of your research groups aware of this opportunity and forward this 
email to any contacts or mailing lists who may find this relevant.

Title: Ocean modelling for HQP
Numerical modelling is a key research tool used across the earth 
sciences in physical, chemical, and biological realms. However, many of 
the scientists at the graduate and postdoctoral levels come to the field 
with relatively little numerical modelling experience. This workshop 
will facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience among the HQP 
community in addition to providing an opportunity for individuals to 
develop connections with others at similar career stages. Through 
discussions, participants are encouraged to identify areas for 
collaboration in their research. Attendees will be invited to present 
issues and/or solutions that have arisen in their work related to 
programming, algorithm implementation, model analysis, clarification of 
numerical concepts, or related questions. This workshop will also be 
used to develop an online framework to enable the broader HQP ocean 
modelling community to share model code, solicit information and help, 
distribute news, and troubleshoot problems.

The workshop is free with registration for IUGG and you can sign-up
via the general online registration. Questions about the workshop can be 
directed to Andrew Shao ([hidden email]) and Birgit Rogalla 


Birgit Rogalla and Andrew Shao

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