POLAR 2018 SCAR/IASC session on 'Geological Heritage and geo-conservation in the Polar Regions'

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POLAR 2018 SCAR/IASC session on 'Geological Heritage and geo-conservation in the Polar Regions'

Cliff Atkins

Dear colleagues,

The Abstract deadline for the POLAR2018 SCAR/IASC Conference,19 - 23 June 2018 in Davos, Switzerland (http://www.polar2018.org/is rapidly approaching (1st November). (http://www.polar2018.org/abstracts.html)

Please consider submitting an abstract to Session EN-3 Geological Heritage and geo-conservation in the Polar Regions

Session Description
Geological heritage may be described as geological, geomorphological or paleontological features possessing aesthetic, intrinsic or scientific and educational value, and that may provide unparalleled illustration into geological processes and insight into the formation or evolution of the Earth. While recognition of sites of biological or ecological significance (e.g. breeding site of rare or endangered species) and/or cultural significance is readily and widely acknowledged by the polar community, there has been considerably less attention given to recognition of, and the development of protection measures to manage, intrinsically valuable natural non-living features in the polar regions, in spite of numerous excellent examples of features worthy of note. Nevertheless, the global impetus is growing for the need for proactive intervention, protection and management of sites of intrinsic geoscientific value. In this session, we invite earth scientists, policy experts and national conservation administrators to provide examples and case studies illustrating geological heritage from the Polar Regions, useful management and administration tools and strategies for protection and preservation of these features for future generations.Please encourage your Arctic colleagues to consider submitting an abstract to the session for a diverse representation of polar geoheritage and geo-conservation protections, case studies, and actions.

Please feel free to circulate this notice to others who may be interested.

Kind regards,
Steph McLennan, Geoscience Australia
Cliff Atkins, Victoria University of Wellington
Session conveners

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