POLAR2018: CR-3 Cryosphere-hydrosphere interactions: The water cycle at the three Poles

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POLAR2018: CR-3 Cryosphere-hydrosphere interactions: The water cycle at the three Poles

Daniel Farinotti
Dear all,

here is one of the last encouragements to submit an abstract to the POLAR2018 conference to be held in June 2018 in Davos, Switzerland (https://www.polar2018.org/). The deadline for abstract submission is Wed, 1st November 2017.

We particularly encourage you to submit an abstract to session
CR-3 Cryosphere-Hydrosphere interactions: The water cycle at the three Poles
which will cover both the polar and the mountain cryosphere.
The session description is below.

See you in Davos!
Francesca Pellicciotti, Philip Marsh, Walter Immerzeel, and  Daniel Farinotti

Session description

Seasonal snow, glaciers, ice caps, and permafrost play a key role in the dynamics of the Earth system both in the Polar regions and at high altitudes: Both the vegetation and the hydrological cycle are strongly controlled by, and interact with, seasonal snow; melt from glaciers and ice caps can be an important freshwater resource; and permafrost significantly affects landscape morphology and runoff processes.

In this session, we welcome contributions on the Polar and non-polar cryosphere, with a particular focus on local- and regional-scale interactions between the cryosphere and the hydrosphere. Topics to be addressed include but are not limited to (1) the quantification of past, present, and future contribution of snow- and icemelt to water resources, (2) the numerical representation of cryospheric components and processes in local- and regional-scale glacio-hydrological models, (3) the estimation of water reserves stored in glaciers, permafrost, and snow, (4) the quantification of both solid and liquid precipitation at high latitudes and high altitudes, and (5) the dynamics of the high-altitude and Polar water cycle.

The session does not have a particular geographical focus, but aims at providing a wide-ranging overview on recent developments in the understanding of hydrosphere-cryosphere interactions in Polar and mountainous environments.

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