POLAR2018- Session 'Environmental and community challenges in rapidly changing polar coastal zones'

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POLAR2018- Session 'Environmental and community challenges in rapidly changing polar coastal zones'

Matt Strzelecki
Dear colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the session Session EN-1: 'Environmental and community challenges in rapidly changing polar coastal zones' at the upcoming POLAR 2018: XXXV SCAR Biennial Meetings/ Arctic Science Summit Week 2018 & IASC Business Meetings/ SCAR/IASC Open Science Conference 2018 Arctic Observing Summit
The deadline for abstract submission is approaching fast: 1st of November 2017
Chairs: Jeff Birchall (University of Alberta, Canada); Matt Strzelecki (University of Wroclaw, Poland); Christoph Gaedicke (GEOZENTRUM Hannover,
Germany) and  Anatoly Sinitsyn (SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, Norway)
Key-note speaker: Michael Fritz (Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Germany)
Polar coastal zone is characterized by a complex interplay between among marine, terrestrial, and atmospheric phenomena. It is also probably the most dynamic component of the polar landscape where rapid changes affect human habitation and activities. For instance, majority of Arctic communities are located in coastal settings and depend on the state of coastal system. Climate change also brings natural resources into focus of governments, and industry. Management of exploration and potential exploitation of natural resources is a main challenge within the next decades. Present-day polar coasts are exposed to a range of hazards associated with warming of climate. Therefore, further development of Polar Regions is strongly dependent on our understanding of coastal responses to rapid environmental changes. We encourage submission of contributions highlighting aspects of polar (Arctic and Antarctic) coastal zone changes, environmental exploration, and exploitation of coastal resources and its potential environmental impact from all disciplines, including geomorphology, marine geology, economy and social sciences. Our objective will be to raise and discuss various aspects of coastal change and its impact on the resilience of the polar environment and society.
You can send your abstracts at: http://www.polar2018.org/abstracts.html

Do not leave it for the very end!
Jeff, Matt, Christoph and Anatoly

Dr Matt Strzelecki

Department of Geomorphology
University of Wroclaw, Poland
Mobile: +48507965257
Email: [hidden email]
skype: mateusz.strzelecki1984

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