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POLAR2018: Snow on sea ice

Stefan Kern-2

Dear colleagues,

POLAR2018 is a joint event from the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research SCAR and the International Arctic Science Committee IASC, which will take place in, Switzerland from 15 - 26 June 2018 with the open science conference from 19 - 23 June; see http://www.polar2018.org for general information.

We would like to draw your kind attention to the conference session entitled "The role of snow on sea ice for sea-ice parameter retrieval and variability". Please join us to find out answers to questions like:
"How well do we know snow on sea ice?"
"How well do we understand the role snow on sea ice has for the observed variability in sea-ice cover and thickness in both Polar Regions?"

We invite studies dealing with in situ observations, satellite data retrievals, modeling and combinations thereof of snow parameters on sea ice. We also invite studies on methods for quantifying the influence of (unknown) snow properties on the satellite retrieval of sea-ice parameters, on reducing the noise due to snow properties, and on improving the accuracy of retrieved sea-ice parameters.

Conveners of this session are: Stefan Kern: [hidden email], Burcu Özsoy: [hidden email], Georg Heygster: [hidden email], and Leif T. Pedersen: [hidden email]

In case you want to apply for a conference fee waiver you can do so via APECS (details under http://www.polar2018.org/abstracts.html) and you are recommended to do so early.

Please find details about the program as well as deadlines here: http://www.polar2018.org/program.html

We are looking forward to shape an interesting session based on the mixture of oral and poster presentations to be submitted by you until the deadline: November 1!

Best regards,

Stefan, Burcu, Georg, and Leif


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