PalaeoArc 2020 - Pisa - POSTPONED

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PalaeoArc 2020 - Pisa - POSTPONED

Andy Emery [RPG]

Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation, the organising committee have decided to postpone the PalaeoArc network meeting in Pisa, originally scheduled for the end of May, until 28th September – 2nd October 2020.


There is a new deadline for abstracts and registrations: 1st July 2020.


Further details:


We thank you for your understanding in this difficult situation. We hope to see you in Pisa in the Autumn!




Caterina Morigi, Karen Gariboldi, Bernardo Carmina


Andy Emery


Research Assistant in energy transition

PhD researcher, Priestley Climate Scholar

Institute of Applied Geosciences,

School of Earth and Environment

University of Leeds



[hidden email]

Twitter @AndyDoggerBank

+44 (0)7955 850507



University of Leeds web page

Google Scholar

Student representative for PalaeoArc network

EGU Cryosphere ECS team


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