Paleodust session at DUST2018 Bari Italy 29-31 May

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Paleodust session at DUST2018 Bari Italy 29-31 May

Samuel Albani

Dear colleagues,


we are pleased to invite you to the DUST2018 conference to be held on 29-31 May 2018 in Bari, Italy.


We encourage you to submit abstracts to the GR01: PALEODUST ARCHIVES: OBSERVATIONAL CONSTRAINTS ON THE GLOBAL DUST CYCLE, convened by Samuel Albani, Natalie Mahowald, Valter Maggi and Thomas Stevens.

The session description reads as follow: "Mineral dust is a major component of the global atmospheric aerosol load. Dust emissions are influenced by climate change, and dust, in turn, can affect climate and biogeochemical cycles. Spatial and temporal variability of dust emissions and transport, as well as uncertainties in the particle size distributions and size-dependent physical and chemical properties, render dust an uncertain component of the climate system. Climate archives constitute natural dust samplers, and preserve precious information about past variability in the dust cycle. Under opportune circumstances, climate archives provide us with quantitative reconstructions of dust mass accumulation rates; when paired with additional information, such as measurements of particle size distributions, they have a great potential for reconstructing the global dust cycle. We invite contributions aimed at building up a quantitative observational reference framework from paleodust archives, as well as contributions from the modeling community with the potential to constrain and validate Earth System Models."
If you want to contribute to the scientific exchanges we will have, please do not hesitate to submit your abstract before Monday 20th January 2018. The session webpage, with the link for submissions, can be found here: < >.


Convince also your colleagues, friends, and students to attend and submit an abstract!

Colleagues interested in collaborating with the PAGES Working Group on Dust Impact on Climate and Environment (DICE) are particularly encouraged to submit an abstract.

Sorry for any cross-posting.

Looking forward to meeting you in Bari!

All the very best
Samuel Albani, LSCE/IPSL, France, [hidden email]
Natalie Mahowald, Cornell University, USA, [hidden email]

Valter Maggi, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy, [hidden email]

Thomas Stevens, Uppsala University, Sweden, [hidden email]

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