Permafrost Engineering Test Sections and Guidelines.

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Permafrost Engineering Test Sections and Guidelines.

Lukas Arenson

Dear cryolisters,


For the activities of our Permafrost Engineering Working Group (PEWG) of the International Permafrost Association (IPA) during the TICOP, Richard Fortier and I would like to submit a multi-authored extended abstract up to 2 pages long on an inventory of engineering test sections and foundations in a permafrost environment. Any of you can co-author this abstract as long as you provide us information on any test sections or other test construction in permafrost that you are in charge of or aware of. Moreover, if you want to take the leadership on the writing of this abstract, you can be the first author. If you know somebody else in charge of a test section, could you please provide us with email address or contact them directly?


In addition, we are planning on writing another extended abstract on guidelines on permafrost engineering. We already have a list of guidelines but, if you are aware of any guideline, could you please provide us with references. If you are interested in participating as co-authors for this abstract please also let us know.


The deadline for submitting an abstract is on February 1st 2012.


Finally we are planning to arrange a breakout session during the TICOP on these two subjects (engineering test sections in a permafrost environment and guidelines on permafrost engineering).


If you are planning to attend to the TICOP we hope to see you there.


Thank you very much for your collaboration! We look forward to hearing from you. Happy new year!



Best regards,

Lukas Arenson

Co-Chair – IPA Permafrost Engineering Working Group

[hidden email]


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