Ph.D. Opportunity at University of Alaska Fairbanks in Permafrost Landscape Dynamics

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Ph.D. Opportunity at University of Alaska Fairbanks in Permafrost Landscape Dynamics

Torre Jorgenson

The Institute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska Fairbanks, is offering a research assistantship to study interactions of permafrost, fire, and plant successional processes in altering boreal landscapes in Alaska. The research will focus on: (1) quantifying patterns and rates of change in ecosystems due to thermokarst through remote sensing and paleoecological studies; (2) evaluating the interaction of vegetation, permafrost soils, and fire through field surveys; and (3) assessing biogeochemical characteristics that are affecting the ecological responses. The research will be done in collaboration with ongoing interdisciplinary climate change impact research.


The assistantship begins in summer 2012 and covers full tuition, fees, and 12 month support for a four-year period through funding from the Alaska Science Center, U.S. Geological Survey. A Master’s degree in ecology, soil science, or geomorphology is preferred. We are looking for a highly motivated student with strong interests in permafrost dynamics and extensive fieldwork. Interested applicants are encouraged to send a letter detailing research interests, a resume of previous academic and research experience, and names and addresses of three references to Knut Kielland ([hidden email]) and Torre Jorgenson ([hidden email]) by 15 February 2012.


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