PhD Opportunities at Montana State University investigating saline sub-ice systems

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PhD Opportunities at Montana State University investigating saline sub-ice systems

Skidmore, Mark

Dear Colleagues,


Three PhD studentship positions are available, associated with a recently funded NASA Planetary Science and Technology Through Analog Research (PSTAR) project. “Exploration of Saline Cryospheric Habitats with Europa Relevance (ESCHER): An approach using airborne and submarine semiautonomous systems.”


The ESCHER project is interdisciplinary and led by Principal Investigator Mark Skidmore at Montana State University, with additional co-investigators at Montana State University, University of Texas Institute for Geophysics and Stone Aerospace. The research approach capitalizes on remote sensing and in situ sampling technologies in combination with numerical modeling to understand the geophysical, geochemical, and microbiological properties of sub-ice, hypersaline systems in the Canadian Arctic that are hypothesized to be analogs to brine-rich systems on ocean worlds. See link below to the project abstract.


The research foci of the PhD positions are biogeochemistry, airborne geophysics, and microbiology


1. Biogeochemistry. Supervisor Mark Skidmore (Earth Sciences)

Email: [hidden email]


2. Airborne geophysics. co-supervisor Donald Blankenship (Earth Sciences), co-supervisor, Mark Skidmore (Earth Sciences)

Email: [hidden email]


3. Microbiology. Supervisor Eric Boyd (Microbiology and Immunology)

Email: [hidden email]


Interested students are encouraged to contact individual supervisors listed via email, with a CV and a statement indicating how their research interests/expertise/experience align with the research project.


Further information on the Departments at Montana State University can be found at:-


Best regards


Mark Skidmore


Department of Earth Sciences

Montana State University


MT 59717


Tel: 406 994 7251



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