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PhD Opportunity - Chronology of Arctic Ocean Sediments - Stockholm University

Matt O'Regan
PhD opportunity in Marine Geology
Department of Geological Sciences , Stockholm University, Sweden
Project: The Quaternary chronology of Arctic Ocean sediments
Application Deadline: April, 7, 2017
Contact: [hidden email]

Description:  The PhD position is in the field of Arctic Marine Geology
and is part of a project titled “The Quaternary chronology of Arctic
Ocean sediments”.

Across Quaternary glacial cycles the Arctic experienced dramatic
environmental changes. These include profound changes in the extent and
type of ice cover, variations in sea level, re-organisation of ocean
circulation and significant changes to biological production.
Interpreting how these changes were coupled to the global climate system
is a fundamental goal of Arctic paleoceanography. However, persistent
challenges in dating Arctic sediments have made it difficult to
integrate the Arctic with the global paleoclimate ensemble. Accurate age
models for Quaternary Arctic sediments are needed to apply, interpret
and integrate increasingly sophisticated proxies for past environmental

Utilizing a large collection of Arctic marine sediment cores stored at
Stockholm University, this project aims to resolve significant
uncertainties in the age of Quaternary Arctic Ocean sediments.
Specifically, it will target 3 regions of the Arctic; the Yermak
Plateau, Lomonosov Ridge and East Siberian Sea, and will test and
develop methods for establishing age models that can be applied to
sediment cores not included in the studied areas. The goal is to combine
and test traditional chronological methods, including biostratigraphy,
paleomagnetics, and cyclostratigraphy with less widely applied
techniques, including Amino Acid Racemization (AAR) and Optically
Stimulated Luminesence dating (OSL).

The student will acquire training and expertise in Arctic
paleoceanography and more generally, methods for dating Quaternary
marine sediments. He or she will have the opportunity to integrate the
derived chronologies with paleoceanographic proxies to reconstruct
aspects of the late Quaternary environmental history of the Arctic
Ocean.  These could include, but are not limited to, reconstructions of
the extent and dynamics of circum-arctic icesheets, variations in the
intensity and extent of sea ice during past glacial and interglacial
periods, and the timing and impact of changing oceanic exchange between
the Arctic, Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans.

The project will be supervised by Dr. Matt O’Regan at Stockholm
University, Prof. Helena Alexanderson at Lund University, and Prof.
Darrell Kaufman at Northern Arizona University, USA.
-Matt O'Regan

Research scientist, Docent, Sediment physical properties
Department of Geological Sciences,
Stockholm University
Email: [hidden email]
Phone: +46 (0)8 674 78 57

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