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PhD-Position at the AWI, Germany

Malte Thoma
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Dear Cryolist,

although the official announcement is in German, we welcome all applications.[mode]=4&cHash=ed20d3267e815da845f6c1a

Please find a translation of the announcement below. For further inquire please
contact [hidden email] or [hidden email].



Ph.D. candidate, on the topic:
"Investigation and modelling of the Antarctic hydrological network"
in the department: >Earth Sciences<

The position is a cross-sectoral position in the Geosciences and Climate
Sciences departments at the Alfred Wegener Insitute for Polar an Marine
Research, Bremerhaven, Germany

New evidences indicate the existence of a vast hydrological network located
beween the Antarctic ice sheet and the underlying bedrock. This 'river system'
connects hundreds of subglacial lakes. Unlike above-ground rivers, which are
quite stable over many thousands of years, the water flow under the ice sheet
seems to change it's direction and strength partly within months. The
interaction of the hydrologic system and the overlying ice is of great interest
for climate research, because the lubrication of the ice bottom results in fast
flowing ice, which can be used to drain off the ice into the ocean, and thus
contributs to global sea level rise.

To examine these issues a numerical model to simulate the hydrogen network has
to be develop. This model is then coupled to an existing ice sheet model to
investigate the interaction between these sub-components of the climate system.
Finally, the model system can be a transferred on glaciers in Greenland.

The applicant should have good knowledge of mathematics, physics, geophysics
and/or glaciology and relevant experience in the field of numerical modelling. A
lively interest in scientific exchange within the working groups and
interdisciplinary cooperation is required. As the research results should be
published in internationally recognized journals and collaboration is
international, we expect good English skills in speaking and writing. The work
is performed in close cooperation with the Bavarian Academy of Sciences in
Munich and the University of Oslo, Norway.
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