PhD/Postdoc positions on modelling ice-sheet/climate interaction with CESM-CISM

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PhD/Postdoc positions on modelling ice-sheet/climate interaction with CESM-CISM

Miren Vizcaino

The Department of Geoscience & Remote Sensing of TUDelft, Netherlands, ( invites researchers who are interested in a cryosphere/climate related PhD/post-doc position to submit an application to model the Greenland ice sheet and/or Laurentide ice sheet and/or its climate with the Community Earth System Model ( coupled to the Community Ice Sheet Model (

For the PhD position, a background on meteorology, physics, mathematics, glaciology, oceanography and/or Earth Sciences and demonstrated experience on climate, earth science and/or physics modeling is required. Experience with FORTRAN90 and Unix-Linux environments is desired. Strong programming skills are essential. 

For the PostDoc position, a PhD in climate and/or ice sheet modeling is required.  

Applications are welcomed until position is filled. Please send questions/application to Miren Vizcaino: [hidden email]

Preferred starting date: between March and June 2017. Funding is available for four (PhD) or three (PostDoc) years from the ERC-project "CoupledIceClim". 

Thanks and Best regards,

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