PhD Scholarship - Machine learning for uncertainties of past ice-volume changes

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PhD Scholarship - Machine learning for uncertainties of past ice-volume changes

Mario Krapp

Dear Cryolist,


A fully funded PhD position is available at the Antarctic Research Centre (ARC), Victoria University of Wellington to use Machine Learning methods for improving our understanding of uncertainties of past ice-volume and global temperature inferred from geological proxy records. The successful candidate will be hosted by the ARC and collaborate with a large number of international scientists and graduate students from the ARC, GNS Science, and the Antarctic Science Platform. Being part of the new and exciting National Modelling Hub, the candidate has access to excellent technical support, high-performance computing, statistical modelling, climate modelling, and to collaborations with the University’s Data Science Programme.


For further details about the application, I refer to the scholarships website of the Victoria University:


Application deadline is 31 Oct 2020.


I would very grateful if you can distribute this widely within your institutes, or share it on social media ( 


Thank you, stay safe, and best wishes



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