PhD Studentships at the University of Cambridge

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PhD Studentships at the University of Cambridge

Ian Willis

The University of Cambridge will offer at least 12 3.5 year NERC-funded PhD studentships through the Cambridge Climate, Life and Earth (C-CLEAR) DTP to start 1 October 2021. All nationalities are eligible to apply. Applicants will also be considered for other forms of University administered funding.

Please visit the DTP website to see more funding and eligibility information, the list of PhD topics that are spread across the various University Departments and including the British Antarctic Survey, as well as a link to the University online application form. Many of the topics are relevant to those interested in the Cryospheric Sciences.

You are encouraged to contact a prospective supervisor prior to applying. Please apply by 7th January 2021 to be considered for funding.

Ian Willis [C-CLEAR Recruitment Lead]

Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, CB2 1ER, UK +44(0)1223 336515, +44(0)7840389946

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