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Lorna Linch

Apologies for cross-posting, but please would you circulate the following PhD opportunity:


We are pleased to announce an exciting PhD opportunity in the Division of Geography and Geology (School of Environment and Technology) at the University of Brighton. The PhD “Formation of periglacial depressions: Climatic and engineering implications” will use a combination of field and laboratory-based techniques to macroscopically and microscopically (micromorphological thin sections) characterise the internal structure of periglacial ramparted depressions in the British Isles and Canadian Arctic. The project will be co-supervised by Dr Lorna Linch and Professor Callum Firth (University of Brighton), and Dr Phil Collins (Brunel University). To apply and for further information visit:


Deadline for applications: 4pm 11th April 2013.


For informal enquires related to the PhD please contact: Dr Lorna Linch [hidden email] +44(0)1273 643306


Dr Lorna Linch

Lecturer in Earth Science

University of Brighton

School of Environment and Technology

Lewes Road

Brighton BN2 4GJ


Tel: +44 (0)1273 643306

Email: [hidden email]


Twitter: @LornaLinch


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