PhD on paleoclimate offshore west Greenland

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PhD on paleoclimate offshore west Greenland

Andrew Newton

Dear all,


Please see the link below for a PhD opportunity to be based at the University of Manchester. The project is titled “Paleoclimate reconstruction of the Baffin Bay region, west Greenland” and will use a range of geochemical and geological techniques to investigate a number of shallow marine sedimentary cores collected offshore Greenland. It is hoped that this research will provide insights into oceanographic, glaciological, and environmental changes in the region through and since the last glacial cycle.


This is a multi-faceted project and will provide excellent opportunities for the student to gain a breadth of training in different research methods from a cross-disciplinary supervisory team. Please feel free to forward on to any outstanding students who might be interested in this project.


For anybody looking for more information please contact Dr. Bart van Dongen at the University of Manchester: [hidden email]


The link to this project (and several others that may also be of interest) can be found below:


Best wishes,




Dr. Andrew Newton | Visiting Researcher

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences | The University of Manchester | Williamson Building | Oxford Road | Manchester M13 9PL



Newton et al. (2017): History of the NW Greenland Ice Sheet

Newton and Huuse (2017): Cenozoic environments along the Norwegian margin

Newton and Huuse (2017): Geomorphology of the central Barents Sea

Brown et al. (2017): Palaeo-oceanography of the South Atlantic

Newton et al. (2016): Spiral Iceberg Scours


Twitter: @anewton01 | @CRAM_Cryosphere | @man_basins

ORCiD: 0000-0002-0089-525X

Google Scholar:





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