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PhD opportunities at Newcastle and Northumbria Universities

Emma Hocking

Dear Cryolist,

The NERC-funded ONE Planet Doctoral Training Partnership between Newcastle and Northumbria Universities (UK) are pleased to announce that we are now advertising 71 fully-funded PhD projects (a subset of 17 Cryolist relevant projects are given below). Each project addresses at least two of the following themes: climate and climate change, the Anthropocene, earth system processes, environmental informatics. Many of the projects are focussed on topics of interest to the Cryolist community.


For more information about ONE Planet, please visit:  and details of how to apply can be found at:

For general enquiries contact [hidden email] or for project-specific enquiries, contact the named supervisors.


Application deadline: 18th January 2021

Eligibility: Usually applicants are expected to have a first or 2:1 undergraduate degree - exceptions are possible, but these should be strongly motivated. In addition, candidates may also hold or be completing a Masters degree in a relevant subject discipline but this is not a mandatory requirement.

Home (UK) and International students (all non-UK, inc. EU) are welcome to apply. We have a limited number of International awards available, and international applicants may be required to provide additional fees not covered by the UKRI Home fee contribution. Further information will be provided at application stage.

Funding: Each of our studentship awards include 3.5 years of fees (Home), an annual living allowance (£15,285 tax-free) and a Research Training Support Grant (up to £6000 for travel, consumables etc)

Additional benefits: The proximity of Newcastle and Northumbria Universities allows ONE Planet to offer cohort-based training, with a series of core cohort activities to develop key skills and expertise. All students also have the opportunity to work with partners spanning industry, government and regulatory authorities.

Equality Diversity and Inclusion: ONE Planet is committed to promoting diversity, and we particularly encourage applications from under-represented groups. Flexible study requests are welcomed, and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Particular highlighted projects of relevance to Cryolist are:

Impacts of climatic change on Antarctic subglacial lakes – Supervised by Dr Miguel Angel Morales Maqueda, Dr Neil Ross (Newcastle) and Prof. David Pearce (Northumbria) – Ref: OP2111

Climate interactions between the Southern Ocean and the Antarctic Ice Sheet – Supervised by Dr Jan De Rydt (Northumbria) – Ref: OP2164

Understanding iceberg calving in Antarctica – CASE project with MSC Software - Supervised by Dr Sebastian Rosier (Northumbria) – Ref: OP2119

Revealing the role of eddies and buoyancy fluxes in projected regime shifts in the ocean circulation under Antarctica’s ice shelves – Supervised by Dr Christopher Bull (Northumbria) – Ref: OP2152

Wave-ice interactions and their role in ice sheet depletion – Supervised by Dr Daniel Ratliff (Northumbria) – Ref: OP2123

Mathematical models of meltwater patterns – Supervised by Dr Yiping Ma (Northumbria) – Ref: OP2191

Nonlinear wave description of transient jokulhlaup flows – Supervised by Dr Thibault Congy (Northumbria) & Prof. Andy Russell (Newcastle) – Ref: OP2128

Towards real-time hazard communication and risk reduction for catastrophic glacial lake outburst floods – CASE project with Reynolds International Ltd - Supervised by Dr Matt Westoby (Northumbria), Dr Stuart Dunning, Dr Wen Xiao, Dr Tom Robinson (Newcastle) & Prof. John Reynolds (CASE partner) – Ref: OP2183

Remote sensing and in-situ driven glacial lake monitoring and hazard assessment – CASE project with Reynolds International Ltd - Supervised by Dr Wen Xiao (Newcastle), Dr Matt Westoby (Northumbria), Dr Stuart Dunning (Newcastle) & Prof. John Reynolds (CASE partner) – Ref: OP2184

Supraglacial and englacial landslide detection – Supervised by Dr Stuart Dunning (Newcastle) – Ref: OP2118

Remote sensing of snow for improvement of weather forecasts – CASE project with Met Office - Supervised by Dr Mel Sandells, Dr Nick Rutter (Northumbria) & Dr Stuart Fox (Met Office) Ref: OP2110

Measurement and modelling of snow in Arctic tundra and taiga biomes – Supervised by Dr Nick Rutter, Dr Mel Sandells, Dr Leanne Wake (Northumbria) & Dr David Pritchard (Newcastle) Ref: OP2113

How did permafrost thaw affect regional climate and environment in continental Siberia? – Supervised by Dr Sebastian Breitenbach (Northumbria) – Ref: OP2155

Northern perspectives: community-based monitoring for tracing environmental change in the Canadian Arctic – Supervised by Dr Paul Mann, Prof. Mike Lim (Northumbria) & Dustin Whelan (Natural Resources Canada) – Ref: OP2144

The importance of microorganisms in the cycling of climate active gases – Supervised by Prof. David Pearce (Northumbria) – Ref: OP2139

Glacial impacts on global chemical cycling and climate feedbacks – Supervised by Dr Joseph Graly (Northumbria) & Prof. Andy Russell (Newcastle) Ref: OP2200

White Sea meromictic lakes as rich archives of palaeoenvironmental change – Supervised by Dr Emma Hocking, Dr Leanne Wake, Dr Paul Mann (Northumbria), Dr Maarten van Hardenbroek (Newcastle) & Dr Elena Krasnova (Lomonosov Moscow State University) – Ref: OP2181



Dr Emma Hocking (née Watcham)

Associate Professor in Physical Geography, Faculty of Engineering and Environment


Cold and Palaeoenvironments Research Group CAPE:


email sigT:  +44 (0)191 243 7838

E:  [hidden email]



Ellison A207, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8ST, United Kingdom


Please note I am working from home for the foreseeable future as and when I can around childcare, which may mean my emails come outside of normal working hours, but I of course do not expect you to do the same.





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