PhD position at Boise State in remote sensing of forest-snow interactions

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PhD position at Boise State in remote sensing of forest-snow interactions

Hp Marshall

PhD Opportunity to Study Computational Remote Sensing of Forest-Snow Interactions

Graduate Research Assistantship (PhD) Available to Study Computational Remote Sensing of Forest-Snow Interactions 

Boise State University Department of Geosciences has a PhD Research Assistantship available for Fall 2018 for a student to study the effect of forest structure on snow depth distributions with remote sensing. The student will focus on exploring the relationships between forest canopy, density, and patterns with snow distributions to elucidate how and why forests control snow depth. The goal of the project is to improve snow depth distribution and snow water equivalent (SWE) estimates with remote sensing across broad scales to improve water management. The project will entail using NASA SnowEx observations from Grand Mesa, CO, including ground-based lidar and NASA JPL’s Airborne Snow Observatory’s full-waveform lidar. The student is expected to work with a team of scientists, including another PhD student who will work on modeling snow accumulation and melt. The project is funded by the NASA Terrestrial Hydrology program. The PhD Research Assistantship will support a student in Boise State University’s PhD in Computing degree program, or other programs of interest to the student. Please send inquires to Nancy Glenn ([hidden email]).

Hans-Peter Marshall, Associate Professor
Cryosphere Geophysics And Remote Sensing (CryoGARS) 
Department of Geosciences, Boise State University
1910 University Dr., ERB 3155
Boise, ID 83725-1536
[hidden email]
(208) 426-1416 (o)
(208) 426-4061 (f)

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