PhD position at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology - periglacial creep

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PhD position at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology - periglacial creep

Ivar Berthling-2

Dear Cryolisters, please notice this fully funded 4-year PhD opportunity (one year teaching obligations):

PhD Candidate in Physical Geography N T N U - NORWEGIAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY FACULTY OF SOCIAL AND EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES. PhD Candidate in Physical Geography - Field and remote sensing detection of periglacial creep processes.

The PhD project shall focus on periglacial creep processes (solifluction) across several temporal and spatial scales, using field measurements and remote sensing as tools for mapping periglacial creep landforms and blockfields. Quantification of creep rates/mass fluxes is a key component of the project. Methodologies to be applied include terrestrial laser scanning, Structure-from-motion from terrestrial and drone images, inSAR and the collection of subsurface displacement profiles from field installations. The project might also develop towards landscape evolution modelling, or have a geochronological component through dating of organic horizons, luminescence dating and/or cosmogenic nuclide techniques. The holder of the position is expected to: -

  • ​Contribute to the project ‘Block fields and the origin of high-elevation, low-relief topographic surfaces - TopSurf’ if this is funded. 
  • Contribute to teaching physical geography courses at the Department. 

Further information about the position is available by calling Professor Ivar Berthling at the Department of Geography, phone 90066509 and e-mail [hidden email]. Full announcement at


Ivar Berthling

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